It’s like landing on an exotic island: let the soothing sounds that welcome the user carry you away on a breath-taking, visual experience. Tap your way into the world of flavours, almost too sinful to resist and savour your journey in the realm of Muller.
Muller Italia
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Going to forno-bonomi

Müller: a story of passion

In 1971, Theo Müller took over from his father the dairy founded by his grandfather in Aretsried – it only had four employees back then. Today it counts over 27,000. Müller ranks as the first dairy in Germany to embark on the nation-wide distribution of fresh milk products. In Italy, the brand has been active with a sales and distribution branch in Verona since 1995.
Our challenge was to transmit the multiple sensations that the Müller products give consumers.
How to capture the essence of something so delicious, hard to describe, even in words? Involving users in the tasteful experience from a digital side, was definitely our main goal, and quite a hard one too.
It was pretty challenging to find the exact combination of heart and brain, sensations and logic.

Our solution

Celebrating the little joys of life, we’ve decided to integrate the concept of “life tasting” by showing how sharing a loving family moment, a life-changing journey with your besties, or a relaxing moment all to yourself, can be a demo of how Müller is always there to share these precious pieces with you.
Beautifully organized are the taste-circles, where you can literally dive into the world of flavours that the brand has to offer. Every click makes you want more!

Different moods

We studied a daily scenario for every product line, in order to attract the user towards the brand.

Vortex of creamy pleasure

On the evocative setting of each product line, the two Müller protagonists stand out: voluptuous vortex of creamy yogurt, embracing the ingredients.


To every product its own target, to every target its own setting. Each one of them spreads the values of the product lines.

Thanks to a psychographic study on the different consumers, we understood how, where and when each person chooses to take a pleasure break with Müller.


Our Production
In our videos we described the different consumers’ identities, divided in product lines, studying and interpreting their peculiarities. 

Product catalogue

The king of the plasure: the product

Catalogue navigation

Make love with flavours

On mobile too
Every single flavour has been studied and thought to intensify the pleasure of something delicious, unforgettable and sinfully good. Taste them all, enjoy them and feel the sensations that such tastes can give you. Just make love with flavours!

Mobile experience

Mobile first design

You can enjoy the immersive experience of the website on mobile too, thanks to the circle element, to the vortex and the evocative backgrounds of the products' moods.

Sound design

Music is an integral part of this project.
Starting from the average Müller consumer’s psychography, divided in product lines, we created some musical themes from scratch, which represented the different personalities and increase the emotions.
Sound tracks



Specific colour analysis
Each product line was portrayed using an accurate color choice, that could intensify the emotional impact. Matching a color palette, it stands out immediately and follows the video’s mood deeply.

Colors and gradients

The deep knowledge of each cluster of consumers allowed us to study also which colors could have represented them best.

To every world, its own color

To every evocative product line's world, we applied a chromatic veil, in order to let the emotions stand out.


The awards won by the project
Site of the day
Site of the day


Our team

Project management

Claudia Zardini
Project & Account Manager
Tommaso Artegiani
Production director

Creative design

Fabio Minerva
Art Director
Nico Cherubin
Digital & Graphic designer

3D design

Michele Resenterra
3D Artist


Manuel Mancini
Web & mobile developer

Strategy and analysis

Alessia Musi
Digital Scientist


Francesco Bonato
Film director
Nicola Rossi
DOP - editing specialist

Sound design

Alessandro Franceschini
Sound designer
Giovanni Franceschini
Sound Designer
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