Claraluna embraces the concepts of timeless grace and romanticism. Born as a company specialized in bonbonnieres and gift ideas, it soon developed in one of the premier designers of wedding dresses, thanks to its minimal-chic style.
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The client

Claraluna addresses itself to a young, dynamic, elegant woman. In order to customize the dress properly, the designers and tailors take care of the bride carefully and listen to all her needs. The care of the details, the meticulous fabric’s choice and the graceful and romantic style are the company’s basis.

The brand identity

Our challenge was to show both worlds of wedding dresses and bonbonnieres in one single website.

Wedding gowns and their charm

The primary need was to keep the brand identity consistent, emphasizing the wedding gowns and their charm.

Design assets

Simple and clean design
We wanted to keep a simple and clean design, coherent with the dresses’ style. The visual component plays an important role in the project, since it engages the user and lets him be part of Claraluna’s ethereal atmosphere, thanks to the foreground images. 

Laptop experience

Navigation & Technologies

We tried to give a suggestive impact, maintaining a clear and immediate navigation. All collections are easy to reach thanks to a slider and each one of them is categorized by inspiration, thematic and common elements, such as the kind of fabric, design or manufacturing. The call-to-action “Book your fitting” button is always reachable by the user, who can immediately contact the shop.
We developed the website using React JS, which allowed us to use the latest technologies and therefore to achieve a better result. We chose to use it to optimize the management of the various elements in the website. In order to protect the SEO aspects, we also used a NODE server. We were able to generate the contents on the server, even keeping the single page apps’ benefits.

Digital Identity

Claraluna is every woman’s ally.

Elegant and romantic wedding dresses.

Precious details

Claraluna is close to all the brides as it understands their taste and personality.

Mobile experience

Responsive layout

Clean and pleasant layout

The mobile version includes some room to let the dresses stand out. Every menu item is easily reachable, giving a fluid navigation

Design assets

Color palette and fonts
Neutral colors emphasized the dreamy atmosphere and the romantic mood.
We counter a serif font with a sans serif one to make the layout more modern.

Font type

Color palette



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Claraluna's team


Matteo Poli
Web developer
Giulio Collesei
Front-end web developer

Creative design

Tomas Baruffaldi
Art director

Project management

Valentina Papisca
Project & Account Manager
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