Campo alle Comete is cypresses, vineyards and wine cellars, but it’s also Bolgheri’s light and territory, as well as the outpost in Tuscany of the Feudi di San Gregorio Group.
Its evocative name reflects wisely the soul of that place, such rich in history and magic.
Campo alle Comete
3D model, lighting, shading, WebGL

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Campo alle Comete
Campo alle Comete is part of the Capaldo Family. It embraces its clear and authentic philosophy, deeply rooted into the places and wine traditions of Southern Italy and Tuscany. A great respect indeed and a full knowledge of the territory, meant to create new synergies and share ideas.

An enchanted world

Exquisite wines

Digital Identity

A new brand, born to spread its tradition and experience, but also to share poetry and imagination. The quality of its wines and the sharp communication want to amaze you from the first click.

The project

Our goal was to enclose all these magical world’s suggestions into the company’s identity, including all the perks of their unique wines. We were asked to use an illustration drawn by the artist Nicoletta Ceccoli and the request was to make it dynamic, without changing its nature. Each element was tied to a wine, without forgetting that Campo alle Comete is an observatory of dreams and fragrances.
We realized a 3D model starting from Nicoletta Ceccoli’s illustration, which welcomes and guides the user, through the company’s story and wines.We composed a musical theme, in order to follow the fluid movements of this illustrated world. We also opted for a suggestive text because it was the most effective way to engage the user and lead him into a thrilling navigation. 

Production phases

3D model
During the pre-production phase we studied how to replicate the illustration accurately, checking the light and how the materials react to it.

Dreamlike redesigned elements

We then created the 3D scene, from the modelling part to the lighting and shading one.

3D Design

Once we had the skybox, the illustration became even more enjoyable (from a 360° point of view).

Product identity

Product catalogue
The wines are presented by their name and the preview of the bottle, each one matching a background color. Entering the product sheet, the user can see the wine label and get all the technical information about it. Each bottle has a customized label, representing an element of the illustration. The enchanted world and its wines are therefore connected.


WebGL technology
The development with WebGL was managed by Monogrid. This way, the user can interact completely with the model, browse through the magical world and discover all the different elements, portrayed also on the bottle labels.

Mobile navigation

Tablet experience

The user can always enjoy the magical atmosphere 

Discover the wines easily

The mobile version provides an immersive experience as well, including the same 3D animations and musical theme.


Color palette



Music and sounds effects, to enhance the navigation.
Sound track

Music theme

Audio effects

03Rosato Bolgheri
04Cabernet Sauvignon
05Bolgheri superiore


The dream told in a tale
The text has an important role in this website, since it’s the very first thing the user meets and it provides a poetic mood to the entire website. Following the story step by step, he’s engaged and he’s invited to interact with all the elements. 



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AQuest team for Campo alle Comete

Creative design

Fabio Minerva
Art Director

3D design

Michele Resenterra
3D Artist

Project management

Valentina Papisca
Project & Account Manager
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