Lamborghini Beyond Magazine is a physical book that offers a complete sensory experience, inviting readers to step beyond the paper pages and immerse themselves in new realities. 
AR - AI - 3D - Video Production

Going to Innovia


Augmented Reading Experience
Augmented Reality, 3D modeling and Artificial Intelligence are at the heart of this project, designed in perfect synergy with the magazine content to offer readers a truly augmented experience.


Bring illustrations to life
We were tasked with crafting an elevated digital brand experience tailor-made for Lamborghini Beyond Magazine, a limited-edition “phygital” book, of only 1963 copies.


3D - AR - AI
Each of the book's 5 chapters begins with a double-page illustration where a Lamborghini car model is showcased in an environment of abstract elements.
We took inspiration from those illustrations to create the AR content, enjoyable through an Artificial Intelligence solution capable of recognizing the environment and the book pages.

Chapters Illustrations

The book's 5 chapters begin with a double-page illustration-artwork by the artist Prateek Vatash

A limited-edition “phygital” book, with insights in AR enjoyable by scanning the QR code.


Artificial Intelligence
Thanks to an AI solution the smartphone camera recognises the book cover and the illustrations at the opening of each chapter, generating AR content enriched with custom animations.

AR content

Megazine Cover

Our vision was to engage the book readers inviting them to step beyond the paper pages and immerse themselves in new realities.


Photo & Video Shooting
High-quality content is essential when promoting a special project. We went the extra mile to produce the best assets possible for Lamborghini Beyond magazine.
From an epic photo shoot to a top-notch video production, we're proud to see our work across all brand channels and social media platforms.


Lamborghini Beyond magazine luxury box.
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